Patient Testimonials

My husband and I were totally relieved and moved upon our 1st visit with Dr.R. Peterson. She and the entire staff, has always given us superb professionalism. Their smiles, positive attitudes, is just what a patient needs to see. Dr. R. Peterson leaves no stones unturned! Exams you from head to toe, ask questions and allow the patient time to leave nothing out. All I can say is Dr. R. Peterson’s services and medical care, are equal to my years with UAB! We recommend Dr. R. Peterson’s genuine care, office accommodations, and cleanliness, to family and friends.

~ Shelia Willis

The best thing about Dr. Peterson is that she listens intently and she truly looks at each patient as a person first and foremost, not just a number and a set of symptoms. She takes every concern seriously and isn’t dismissive like most doctors. Dr. Peterson really works WITH a patient about their care. So many doctors will just dictate their opinion and offer no room for a patient’s considerations or thoughts, and Dr. Peterson does NOT do that.

~ Amy Faulkner

Amazing experience! The office was beautiful and smelled nice. The entire staff was polite and helpful. The doctor paid attention to my concerns, she took her time and thoroughly reviewed my records. She respected my wishes without belittling my desire for integrative practices and worked with me to come up with a plan to impress my health. She was great with the children as well and although they were dreading a doctor’s visit today, they walked away pleased and love their new doctor. Oh, and we did not wait long to see the doctor.

~ Na’imah Ra

Dr. Peterson is a great doctor, she’s very attentive and knowledgeable. Also, she really takes time with her patients to understand what they are feeling and how she can assist. Thanks Dr. Peterson!

~Smith Consultant

Great Doctor . Dr. Peterson truly cares. If you needing a new Doc or if you don’t have a regular physician and needing to see someone, I highly recommend Dr. Peterson .

~James Wilson